Wi-Fi Hack Using Android

In this article, we will shed some light on how you can Wi-Fi Hack using Android. As a matter of fact, Wi-Fi is a technology which is commonly in use for the WLAN’s. It is based on the IEEE’s standard 802.11. In a Wi-Fi network all the devices are connected with each other with getting into the trouble of wires.

How Can You Hack Wi-Fi By Using Android?

In the past few years if you want to test the network security then you may need an operating system such as Linux or Windows installed on. Also, you need a computer system with a network card. But now you can also Wi-Fi Hack using Android. Hacking is illegal if you are doing it without permission. These few simple steps will give you a chance to check the network security.

Wi-Fi Hack

WEP Routers:

Follow the listed steps if you want to hack your Wi-Fi network using an Android. These steps will help you a lot without getting into any trouble.

  • Get A Compatible Device:

Every Android device is not able to hack the WPS PIN. So you need to select the device which has Broadcom bcm4330 or bcm4329 wireless chipset, and it is also rooted to the network. The usage of Cyanogen ROM can provide the most chances of success. The Android devices which you can use can be Desire HD, Galaxy S1-S5, Galaxy y, Nexus 7, Nexus One, and Micromax A67.

  • Download, Then Install The Appropriate App:

Then download and install the app bcmon. It is the tool which will enable the monitor mode. This app is freely available on the page of bcmon on Google’s code website.

  • Run The App:

After installing APK run the application. Install the firmware and its tools if it prompts during running. Then enable the monitor mode by tapping the option. Run the app again if it crashes. If the application fails to run again, then your device is not compatible for the app. You must root your device to run the app.

  • Tap The Terminal Button And Provide The Access Point:

Then tap the terminal button to run it. The terminal is more like the Linux system’s terminal. Then type in the commands to continue. Then provide the access point which you want to hack. You will get a list of different access points. You also must need to select one which is using WEP encryption.

  • Start Scanning:

Note the MAC address which will appear on the screen. Also, note the channel on which the access point is working. Then start scanning. You will need several hours for collecting information before cracking the password.

  • Cracking Password And Noting The Hexadecimal Password:

Once you gather the suitable number of packets, you will be able to crack the password. When the process of cracking the password is complete, a message will appear which will say that the key is found. It may take several hours. The key will be in hexadecimal form. Make sure that the portability is 100% or the key won’t work.