Pinoy Music Scene Goes International With Arnel Pineda Of Journey


Gone are the days when lovers of pinoy music and pinoy artists confine their focus to what’s playing at home. Thanks to YouTube. Arnel Pineda of the Philippines, is now the lead singer of a rock great Journey. Now, pinoy music lovers from the Philippines beam their focus and support not only to pinoy artists in the home but also to pinoy musicians overseas. And conversely now, individuals from outside the nation, Filipinos and non-natives alike have beamed and keep to focus their keen eyes and ears to the artists of the vibrant pinoy music arena.See our show onĀ Pinoy Tambayan free.

Arnel Pineda, who is now Journey’s frontman, is the latest toast-if not the prime example, of this new phenomenon in music fandom. His life story, which is good enough material for a block-buster movie of one who climbed from rags-to-riches-in the most literal sense, changed for the better. Thanks to the music industry. Pinoy music couldn’t offer a better example of a person with talent that perseveres and gets his place in the sun in the end.

Pinoy Tambayan
Pinoy Tambayan

Literally alive (and sleeping) in the streets, eking out his everyday food consumption from the little money he receives out of scavenging scrap iron and selling them, or from whatever left-over food he could get from relatives, Arnel Pineda lived life with stoic perseverance until he got a break singing for a little-known band.

For twenty five years, he came in and outside of their pinoy music scene since he arrived and outside of the country in pursuit of the livelihood. The longest stint has been nine years in Japan.

Going back to the Philippines where pinoy music is also at its most energetic, Arnel Pineda got his share of the local limelight with his regular gigs at the country’s capital’s most popular pubs.

The big break came after Neil Schon of Journey watched the videos of his performances that were submitted over YouTube. The remainder of what happened after this was extensively written about in online websites, music magazines, and even CNN and other giant television networks in the USA.

While Arnel Pineda’s journey with Journey continues, pinoy songs continues to flourish and continues to discover, develop and nurture more Filipino music abilities. It is not hard to say that Arnel Pineda’s joining journey is a reduction to pinoy music development back home, but Arnel’s role now has surpassed local pinoy music business. He’s international now, and instead of seeing this as a reduction to the neighborhood pinoy music scene, Arnel Pineda of Journey is the Philippine’s prime example of the pinoy’s excellence. He does better service to pinoy music this way.