Austria Hof; Let’s Get Best Dealings in Advance

In fact, the Austria Hof is a restaurant that offers you a lot of services. In this way, it locates away from the slopes of Mammoth Mountain as well as the gondola village. At this time, these two places are just about 200 yards away from the restaurant. At the same, you will find Ski to the access as well. As a result, you can visit the slopes of Gondola village without any cost. They propose you the best relaxing raised area with the help of Jacuzzi wide overlook of slopes.

Austria Hof

Lodging at Austria Hof:

In particular, they make sure you that your choice of the Austria Hof will be one step above than other’s choice. They serve you with best room’s layouts as well as the location near the slopes of Mammoth. At the same time, they offer you the special taste of coffee which lets you go everything in their signature loaf. In addition, they give you the best taste of German specialties as well as the tasty starter. That’s why; you can test the uniqueness of this alpine restaurant.

Restaurant’s Services with the Packages:

  • Ski Offers:

To explain, they give you the most excellent offers in the area of the Mammoth. In this way, their packages involve rooms, lift tickets, as well as the breakfast of the continent. In these days, they are giving extra packages such as the two-day Ski offer, holiday and the weekend packages. Besides that, the packages are also on hand for the elders, youngsters, and the Childers as well.

  • Pass Holder’s Offer:

The pass holder offer for a short time knows as the “Seasonal Pass Holders.” In this way, you can stay in the restaurant if it is non-holiday and the mid-week period. At the same time, if you have passed then you can save up to 15% off. In addition, if you have need of the advance booking then you have to show the pass at the time of enrollment.

  • Free Fourth Night:

In this way, if you want for every free fourth night then you have to register on the Monday or Sunday. In the meanwhile, this package will be available to you all around the year. On the other hand, you have to take in mind that this deal will not be available to you during the periods of special holidays.

  • Gift Cards:

In this offer, you can put in a gift card and then you can receive $20 as free money. At this time, this offer will be available to you at the time of booking. In simple, you have to purchase a gift card in advance which will be available to you at the booking time. At the same time, the gift you had purchased was in $100 in price, and after that, you will receive $20 extra. After all, you can save this money for use in the restaurant as well.